Local AnesthesiaHere at Charter Equine & Small Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer local anesthesia for our patients.

Local anesthesia blocks the feeling, depending on where it is used. We use it on sensitive areas so that we don’t have to completely anesthetize our patients since it is not always easy to sedate a horse.

We also inject local anesthesia to block out the sensation. We can use this when doing difficult dentals without any pain.

Local anesthesia is also injected to localize pain in horses. Starting low on the horse’s leg, we inject anesthesia and walk the horse around. Depending on when your lame horse is able to walk normally, we can figure out what is bothering him or her.

Local anesthesia can also be used for pain. For the best effect, we inject local anesthesia intravenously to give your horse some pain relief.

If you have any questions about local anesthesia, feel free to contact us today at 806-418-2175.